HHCC February 2016 Photography Awards

Black & White/Mono Prints


Corinna Lueg – Smoko on the Move

Elaine Holliday – Wharf in Silhouette

Jenny Anderson – Derelict Wagon

Marion Anstis – Come into my Parlour

Marion Anstis – Sharing a Joke

Nancy Morley – Sales Yard

Sonia Conn – Jacqueline High Key

Highly Commended

Corinna Lueg  - Three Stooges

Jenny Anderson – Going Up

Jonathan Holliday – Sea Stairs

Jonathan Beckerleg – On Sydney Street

Nancy Morley – Sydney Opera House

Tom Carlos – UPS
Tom Carlos – A Cup of Tea and a Good Read

Large Colour Prints


Dave Curtis – Lift Off

Elaine Holliday – Alone in Utopia

Elaine Holliday – Blossom Study 1

Hansjoerg Wengii – Need for Speed

Jenny Anderson – Magnolia

Jonathan Beckerleg – Maddie

Marion Anstis – Home sweet home

Marion Anstis – Whistling Kite

Nancy Morley – Enter Here

Philippa Ryan – Dragonfly Dreaming

Tom Carlos – Just Add Lime

Ute Schlueter  – Look at my colours

Highly Commended

Corrina Lueg – Sky Ocean Beach

Dave Curtis – Having a rest

Doug Carley – Bryce Canyon Shapes

Hansjoerg Wengi – Nocturnal Pedalos

Jenny Anderson – Looking to Sea

Nancy Morley – Leading Lines

Sonia Conn – Collaroy Baths – Full Moon

Tom Carlos - Yarmouth

Mini Prints

Jenny Anderson – The Pollinator

Marion Anstis – Bee on Grevillea

Marion Anstis – Tadpole Feast

Highly Commended

Corinna Lueg – Snail on Long Grass

Dave Curtis – Saki Wall

Elaine Holliday – Raindrops keep falling

Jenny Anderson – Waiting for a Bite

Jon Holliday – Three Trees

Tom Carlos – 5C

Tom Carlos - Passata

Projected Digital Images


Barry Lowe – Camp drafting

Cecilia Hung – Australian Day

Dave Curtis – Garden Visitor

David Tam – Butterfly in a puddle

Jenny Anderson – Lunch Time View

John Sidebotham – 199 steps, Whitby

Jonathan Beckerleg – Busy Bees

Nancy Morley – Flowing

Nancy Morley – Stairs to Heaven

Nilmini de Silva – Love Birds

Nilmini de Silva – Misty Morning

Ruth Carlos – Sunflower

Sean Collins – Robin RB

Sonia Conn – Narrabeen Storm Cell

Sonia Conn – Hello Little Lady

Highly Commended

Alan Torrens – Mono City 3

Cecilia Hung – Year of the Monkey

Corrina Lueg – Glenelg at  Dusk

Corinna Lueg – Zombie Girl

Dave Curtis - Light Speed

David Tam – Bridge

Doug Carley – Deep Gorge

Elaine Holliday – Come to the Opera House

Jenny Anderson – Sunset on the Pier

John Sidebotham – The eyes have it!

Jon Holliday – Hello Tiger

Marion Anstis – Gotcha!

Marion Anstis – Fly Trap

Philippa Ryan – Firey Brooklyn Sunset

Ruth Carlos – Winter Forest

Sean Collins – Muckross House

Tom Carlos - Gerbra

Mini-print definitions


Context: Composition - “Getting Your Eye In” 


Mini prints should be the printed image as it comes from the camera with overall/global corrections such as brightness, saturation, contrast, and white balance only allowed. “Selective” adjustments such as burning, dodging and cloning are not allowed. Maximum size for Mini Prints is 150mm x 100mm (6” x 4”) with a mount size of 250mm x 200 mm (10” x 8”) .

The prints may be produced commercially or on a home printer. Prints that have been “selectively” adjusted, should be entered in the  Large Colour section.


Adobe learning site

This is a great site for Learning Adobe Photoshop.  


Russell Brown is the creative director of Adobe and he provides step by step tutorials on his site about all sorts of photoshop actions including basics and advanced work.     


There are also quick time videos that can be downloaded.    The site has CS4, 5 and 6 tutorials, but even if you have CS 5 & 6 the CS4 tutorials are useful.    


Many aspects of the video are useful, especially the knowledge of Raw Editing part 1 & 2 in CS4 section.  To access the site, click the link below:


Adobe tutorial


The one and only, Dr Brown of Adobe!

What are the rules about taking photos in public?

A question that is often posed by photographers, is 'What are the rules about photography in public?'.


We know that in some cases, the 'authorities' have laid down rules about what photographers can and can't shoot.  Generally, in Australia, it is legal to photograph anyone on public land without permission, so long as the subject is not compromised (for example, getting undressed).


You will be able to find more detailed information in the following links:





If you are ever unsure, it may be best to ask...For example, did you know that Sydney's Waverley Council, which manages Bondi Beach, charges students and charities engaged in "low-impact", non-commercial photography an application fee of $150?  Commercial photographers pay substantially more. (The council says these fees go towards upkeep of the beach.)  Presumably, the bureaucrats won't take ignorance as an excuse, so it pays to be familiar with the rules, such as they are.


Getting to know our members



It has been suggested that we start to produce profiles of members of the club on the club website.

This would be a great chance to get to know each other a little better and allow those of us who want to participate to share some insights to who we are and our interest in photography.

Examples of questions asked of those being profiled would include:

  • Name?
  • When did you join the Hornsby Heights Camera Club?  Why?
  • What camera do you have?
  • What is your favourite lens?
  • What's your favourite image of all time (plus the chance to share it)?
  • What type of photography do you enjoy (e.g. Portrait, action, landscape, macro etc.)?
  • What's the best photographic advice you've ever received?

A picture of the member (perhaps a self-portrait) could accompany each profile.

Again, this would be completely voluntary and all profiles would only appear in the members-only section of the website. 

If you are interested in participating, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Alternatively, I'll start to ask members to make submissions and we'll go from there!

Happy snapping and I look forward to your participation.


(Paul Di Michiel)



It's all about the image!


At Hornsby Heights Camera Club, it's all about the image!

Whether you like photographing people, plants, insects, landscapes or animals, the image you capture is a moment that can never be caught exactly the same way again - It's absolutely unique!

We all see the world in different and varied ways and photography allows us to share our perspective with others.

If you are interested in joining the club, go to the 'Contact us' section of the website and send a message to myself or Sean Collins...We'd love to see you...and your images!


(Paul Di Michiel)

 paul di michiel - barriers jul12


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