What are the rules about taking photos in public?

A question that is often posed by photographers, is 'What are the rules about photography in public?'.


We know that in some cases, the 'authorities' have laid down rules about what photographers can and can't shoot.  Generally, in Australia, it is legal to photograph anyone on public land without permission, so long as the subject is not compromised (for example, getting undressed).


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If you are ever unsure, it may be best to ask...For example, did you know that Sydney's Waverley Council, which manages Bondi Beach, charges students and charities engaged in "low-impact", non-commercial photography an application fee of $150?  Commercial photographers pay substantially more. (The council says these fees go towards upkeep of the beach.)  Presumably, the bureaucrats won't take ignorance as an excuse, so it pays to be familiar with the rules, such as they are.


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