HHCC February 2016 Photography Awards

Black & White/Mono Prints


Corinna Lueg – Smoko on the Move

Elaine Holliday – Wharf in Silhouette

Jenny Anderson – Derelict Wagon

Marion Anstis – Come into my Parlour

Marion Anstis – Sharing a Joke

Nancy Morley – Sales Yard

Sonia Conn – Jacqueline High Key

Highly Commended

Corinna Lueg  - Three Stooges

Jenny Anderson – Going Up

Jonathan Holliday – Sea Stairs

Jonathan Beckerleg – On Sydney Street

Nancy Morley – Sydney Opera House

Tom Carlos – UPS
Tom Carlos – A Cup of Tea and a Good Read

Large Colour Prints


Dave Curtis – Lift Off

Elaine Holliday – Alone in Utopia

Elaine Holliday – Blossom Study 1

Hansjoerg Wengii – Need for Speed

Jenny Anderson – Magnolia

Jonathan Beckerleg – Maddie

Marion Anstis – Home sweet home

Marion Anstis – Whistling Kite

Nancy Morley – Enter Here

Philippa Ryan – Dragonfly Dreaming

Tom Carlos – Just Add Lime

Ute Schlueter  – Look at my colours

Highly Commended

Corrina Lueg – Sky Ocean Beach

Dave Curtis – Having a rest

Doug Carley – Bryce Canyon Shapes

Hansjoerg Wengi – Nocturnal Pedalos

Jenny Anderson – Looking to Sea

Nancy Morley – Leading Lines

Sonia Conn – Collaroy Baths – Full Moon

Tom Carlos - Yarmouth

Mini Prints

Jenny Anderson – The Pollinator

Marion Anstis – Bee on Grevillea

Marion Anstis – Tadpole Feast

Highly Commended

Corinna Lueg – Snail on Long Grass

Dave Curtis – Saki Wall

Elaine Holliday – Raindrops keep falling

Jenny Anderson – Waiting for a Bite

Jon Holliday – Three Trees

Tom Carlos – 5C

Tom Carlos - Passata

Projected Digital Images


Barry Lowe – Camp drafting

Cecilia Hung – Australian Day

Dave Curtis – Garden Visitor

David Tam – Butterfly in a puddle

Jenny Anderson – Lunch Time View

John Sidebotham – 199 steps, Whitby

Jonathan Beckerleg – Busy Bees

Nancy Morley – Flowing

Nancy Morley – Stairs to Heaven

Nilmini de Silva – Love Birds

Nilmini de Silva – Misty Morning

Ruth Carlos – Sunflower

Sean Collins – Robin RB

Sonia Conn – Narrabeen Storm Cell

Sonia Conn – Hello Little Lady

Highly Commended

Alan Torrens – Mono City 3

Cecilia Hung – Year of the Monkey

Corrina Lueg – Glenelg at  Dusk

Corinna Lueg – Zombie Girl

Dave Curtis - Light Speed

David Tam – Bridge

Doug Carley – Deep Gorge

Elaine Holliday – Come to the Opera House

Jenny Anderson – Sunset on the Pier

John Sidebotham – The eyes have it!

Jon Holliday – Hello Tiger

Marion Anstis – Gotcha!

Marion Anstis – Fly Trap

Philippa Ryan – Firey Brooklyn Sunset

Ruth Carlos – Winter Forest

Sean Collins – Muckross House

Tom Carlos - Gerbra

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