Photo Entry Requirements


 Display Night Entry Requirements - FOR ALL PHOTO ENTRIES

1. There will be set subject competitions during the year. An open competition may be run in each section concurrently. TWO entries per person per section are allowed but can be entered into either the set subject or open competition or one in each. One point will be given for entry, two points for Highly Commended and three points for Merit. An extra point shall be awarded to photos that gain an award in a Set Subject Competition. Photos that have obtained an award are ineligible to be entered into further Club competitions except the Photographs of the Year Competition. Photos of the Year Competition: a total of two entries per person per section are allowed provided they have been entered in club competitions during that year.

2. Black & White Prints can be Toned but not Coloured. Any hand coloured print or print with a mixture of Black and White and Colour Print material or any Black and White Freestyle Print with a colour element shall be placed in the Colour Print Section. Any digitally produced Black and White Print that retains its monochrome nature can be entered into the Black and White Section as long as any computer manipulation is the work of the author. Prints may be commercially processed, digitally produced or made in a darkroom. All original photos must be taken by the author.

3. Mini Prints: Context: Composition - “Getting Your Eye In”

Mini prints should be the printed image as it comes from the camera with overall/global corrections such as brightness, saturation, contrast, and white balance only allowed. “Selective” adjustments such as burning, dodging and cloning are not allowed.
Maximum size for Mini Prints is 150mm x 100mm (6” x 4”) with a mount size of 250mm x 200 mm (10” x 8”) . The prints may be produced commercially or on a home printer. Prints that have been “selectively” adjusted, should be entered in the Large Colour Print section.

4. Colour Prints may be processed by the author, commercially processed, digitally produced, or be Freestyle (contain a Non-photographic Element). All digitally produced entries shall be made from photos taken by the author.

5. Digital Projected Images shall be *.jpg files and fit within 1280 x 1024 pixels in size or thereabouts and shall be made from photos taken by the author and can be digitally enhanced by the author. The maximum size of the digital image must not be larger than 2Mbs.


Member Responsibilities and Guidelines for submitting Competition Photographs.

1. It is the primary responsibility of the individual member to determine the appropriateness of their entries.

2. Any image may be entered into a competition as many times as the author desires provided that the image meets the entry rules for the section entered and has not won an award in that section.

3. When a photograph wins an award (Highly Commended or Merit) in a section it cannot be entered again in that section except in the Photographs of the Year Competition.

4. An image that is taken from the same negative (original) as an award winning photo may not be entered into the same section again unless it is substantially different. ‘Substantially Different’ is defined as having new or different additional photographic material added. Merely cropping, toning (changing the colour), changing the exposure, changing the contrast, enlarging or reducing it; shall be regarded as not creating a new image.

5. An image by the same author that is taken from a different negative (original) but contains identical material as an award winning photograph cannot be entered into the same section as the previous image. The same subject viewed from a different angle or in different light or in a different pose or including additional material or in any way significantly different may be entered.

6. The same image may be entered into many sections at the same time provided it meets the rules for each section. It would only be excluded from a section if it had won an award in that section.

7. Any photograph entered into the Photographs of the Year Competition shall be the same image as previously entered (cropping or re-framing is permissible).
8. It is each member’s responsibility to insure that their club fees are paid before entry into any club competitions.